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JTAC Training

Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AJTS)


AJTS 500Q Dome With Daytime Scene


AJTS Instructor Operator Station and Role Player Station

QuantaDyn Corporation has teamed with several small businesses to develop the Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AJTS). The AJTS device is designed to support Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and Combat Controller squadron level continuation, qualification and mission rehearsal training requirements.

The core AJTS configuration consists of: a domed visual display system with high resolution projectors, a powerful and intuitive Computer Generated Force (CGF) / Semi-Autonomous Force (SAF) application, a high fidelity Image Generator (IG) system capable of rendering scenes in multiple spectrums, a dynamic aural cueing system, and a suite of emulated equipment.

The AJTS device uses dome systems from Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. The AJTS domes provide a truly immersive environment and are engineered for durability and are offered in hard shell or fabric covered frame options. The dome displays range in size from 3 meters to 6 meters and can be engineered to fit into facilities with limited ceiling height.

The AJTS device uses the Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) from Battlespace Simulations, Inc. for its CGF/SAF. MACE is a physics-based many-on-many simulation and threat environment with a large order of battle, and includes both Call-for-Fire (CFF) and 9-Line interfaces for quickly tasking constructive close air support entities. MACE also has fully flyable flight models, allowing both constructive and pilot-in-the-loop standalone CAS (close air support) training. MACE supports the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) architecture including simulation management, entity state, fire, detonate and emissions PDUs.

The AJTS device uses the Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) from MetaVR to render the virtual scene in the display dome. It supports high detail models, special effets, and terrain with sub-meter imagery. VRSG also renders low light/IR dome scenes, sensor spectrum modes, modes such as electro-optic, white/black hot, NVG, and targeting pod symbology.

The AJTS device includes a powerful 7.1 surround sound aural cueing system. Aural cues include vehicle, aircraft, weapons, personnel, detonations, ambient sounds. The system provides a 360 degree sound field that includes entity position and velocity vector (doppler) effects, distance effects like explosion sound delay, terrain occulting, and interference along the sound path.

The AJTS system includes a specifically designed Emulated Military Equipment (EME) computer that integrates a complete suite of EME into the AJTS device. The EME computer interfaces to 6-degree of freedom trackers, dedicated VRSG channels, and the trainer network to provide position and orientation (aiming) data, virtual scene viewport orientation data, and voice-over-IP communication. A typical suite of EME includes multiple virtual radios, virtual binoculars, a laser range finder, a laser target designator, an infra-red (IR) pointer, a virtual Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), a ROVER feed viewer, and an M-4 carbine with scope. An IR configured dome provides ultra realistic night scene views using any standard military night vision devices.

As shown below, QuantaDyn provides a wide range of AJTS configurations. Dome size, resolution, and EME can be customized to meet any end user training requirement.

JTAC Matrix

Download the AJTS product sheet here: AJTS Product Sheet

AJTS Case Study

Air National Guard Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AAJTS)


QuantaDyn is currently under contract to deliver at the Air National Guard AJTS (AAJTS). The AAJTS is a high-fidelity, fully immersive, simulator designed to support Air National Guard (ANG) JTAC and Combat Controller squadron level continuation, qualification and mission rehearsal training. The AAJTS system encompasses high fidelity visual displays, geo-specific visual data bases, equipment emulators, and associated hardware and software. The AAJTS is designed to meet the requirements for unit training at Air Support Operations Squadrons (ASOS) and Special Tactics Squadrons (STS).

The AAJTS system consists of two major components. They are the First Person Student Station and the Instructor Operator Station (IOS). The First Person Student Station is a two member crew design incorporating a robust visualization system and military equipment emulation devices. The visual system is a 5 meter dome with a Projection Design’s high definition projection system featuring Infrared (IR) capability. The displays can be placed in a night mode where night vision equipment is necessary to see the dome environment in detail. The multi-projector system is driven by MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generation (VRSG) system. Military equipment that can be used by the trainees in the dome are the Ranger 47 for virtual binoculars, laser range finding, laser target locating, and laser designating and an emulated M4 rifle with grenade launching capability and IR marking via a PEQ-15 emulator. The First Person Station includes an ASTi Voisus voice communications and aural cueing server. The Voisus server connects to a digital amplifier that drives a 5.1 surround sound setup to produce the aural environment in the dome.


The IOS has two workstations. One position is designed for the Simulator Instructor/Operator and the second position provides a Role Playing station. Using Battlespace’s Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) simulation software, the instructor can create and manipulate the mission environment. The instructor can run an existing scenario or create a completely new scenario from scratch. The instructor can place a variety of entities into the combat setting to define the mission. Once a scenario is complete, MACE has control over how the entities interact with the environment and how the scenario plays forward. A record/playback feature is available for debriefing missions.


The Role Player Station provides role-player capability to the IOS. The operator can choose to participate in the scenario as a variety of entities including aircraft, ground vehicles, or ground personnel. By clicking an entity the operator can assume control of that selection. The entity is controlled using the Thrustmaster Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) Warthog joystick pack.

AAJTS has been accredited by the Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) to replace live controls, Type 1, 2, and 3, both day and night, required for JTAC qualification (currency) training IAW the JTAC MOA.

Battlespace Simulations, Modern Air Combat Environment, and MACE are trademarks of Battlespace Simulations, Inc. Immersive Display Solutions is a trademark of Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. MetaVR, Virtual Reality Scene Generator, and VRSG are trademarks of MetaVR Inc. Voisus is a trademark of Advanced Simulation Technology, Inc.

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